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Claim Your Free Equity Release Review

Equity Release Review
Do you have a lifetime mortgage or equity release scheme secured on your current residential property?


In recent years interest rates available on such schemes have dramatically reduced compared to rates previously on offer.

Many people we speak to have existing schemes where they are paying interest rates of 6%-8% pa, when rates are currently available from as little as 5.90% pa fixed for life*.
Equity Release Review
As well as being able to obtain a better rate, you may also wish to borrow additional funds (which your current scheme might not allow). 
Your property may have gone up in value since you took out your original plan and coupled with your increased age(s) may allow you to borrow additional funds for home improvements, to enjoy life or for most other reasons.
New schemes available also have flexible features not previously offered on many older products!
The ability to pay the interest monthly so that the amount owed never increases
The ability to make optional payments of up 10% per annum penalty free
Reserve fund available where you can draw down extra funds as and when required
Products available which allow you to take a monthly income
Fill in your details below to obtain your free equity release review

*   Depending on age, property value and amount borrowed.

Many thanks, we will be in touch with you shortly.

** You may incur substantial early redemption penalties if you repay your current equity release or lifetime mortgage scheme.
“Extremely satisfied with the service that we received and would approach Berkley Vittoria with confidence should the need arise to seek further financial assistance in the future.”
C Hatton, Wales


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